Alex King

I’ve had a lifelong interest in consumer technology and have proven talents as a problem solver, programmer, analyst, writer, and collaborator. I currently work at Google in Seattle, Washington as a Software Engineer on Google Compute Engine. Before starting at Google, I received my B.S. in computer science summa cum laude from Tufts University in Medford, MA in May 2017. I have previously worked as a software engineering intern at Apple (macOS Performance) and Nordstrom (Ecommerce Feature Development).

Education is especially important to me, and I’ve been very fortunate to go to some excellent schools and programs throughout my life. These include The Bush School, Sanborn Western Camps, High Mountain Institute, and Tufts University.

I have a considerable interest in consumer and popular culture, so in my free time I tend to read a lot news, mostly focused on technology, gaming, music and professional sports. I like to write about exciting developments in the technology space, and I am often eager to write a review of some piece of media I've recently consumed. In my free time, I love seeing live music, spending time in the outdoors, watching documentaries, and following Seattle sports teams, especially the Sounders.


You can see my résumé here.


Please feel free to get in touch with me by emailing alexvking ~~at~~ icloud-dot-com. You can also follow me on Twitter or find me on LinkedIn.


My work has been featured on various websites. Below are some cool ones:

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About This Site

This website is built using Flask and Flask-FlatPages. FlatPages makes it easy for me to write content in Markdown and have it reflected on the site with minimal effort. I host on Google App Engine. Prior to this setup, I hosted on Heroku, and prior to knowing any web development at all, I used Squarespace.


I'm an employee of Google, and a lot of my writing touches on the tech industry, including Google and its competitors. It's clear from my writing that I tend to purchase and prefer Apple products over Google products. It should go without saying that all shared opinions are my own and do not reflect any public opinion of my employer. I aim to be impartial in all of my writing here, and that includes celebrating and critiquing companies where I see fit.